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Whether you chose to install a fence or it was there when you purchased your property, it may look a bit worn or outdated. This should be no surprise as it doesn’t take much for a fence to start looking run-down, regardless of its material. 


With pressure fence washing services for your Broussard home or business, you can give your fence a much needed refresh and avoid the need to replace it prematurely. We use powerful pressure washing technology and proven techniques to wash your face thoroughly while protecting its material. 

Over the years, we’ve successfully cleaned miles of fences so we know exactly what it takes to restore your fence and treat any dirt, grime, algae, or other substances it's built up. With Parish Exterior Cleaning, you can expect great results at an affordable price. 


Benefits of Fence Washing


There are countless benefits to washing the fence on your Broussard home or business, including:


Improves Curb Appeal


Chances are you’d like your property to be inviting. If you have a dull, old fence, this may be difficult to achieve. Pressure washing your fence can give your home or business a welcoming look and show others that your property is well maintained. 


Increases Property Value


Pressure washing can take years off your fence. When it’s paired with a fresh coat of finishing stain, your fence will look as good as new. This can lead to a significant increase in property value, which is important even if you don’t have plans to put your home or business for sale any time soon. 


Offers a Fresh Look


Over time, mold and mildew can attack your fence posts and make them vulnerable to insects while weakening their integrity. Routine fence washing can help preserve your posts and railings to keep your fence looking  its best. Not only does a freshly pressure washed fence look younger, it may even last longer. 


Protects the Health of Your Family and Guests


You may be surprised to learn that fence washing can reduce the risk of health issues for anyone that steps foot on your property. The mold and mildew that may accumulate on your fence may easily make its way into your home, damaging its structure and even triggering allergies and asthma. By investing in high quality pressure washing from Parish Exterior Cleaning, you can eliminate these irritants. 


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