Parish Exterior Cleaning


Parish Exterior Cleaning is a premier exterior cleaning company in Lafayette and the surrounding area. Our expert team uses state-of-the-art pressure washing systems to keep residential and commercial properties in tip-top shape. We pride ourselves on individualized service that exceeds expectations time after time. Here’s a brief overview of our service offerings. 


Roof Cleaning 


We use a special pressure washing technique to thoroughly clean roofs without damaging them. Our professionals will be able to get rid of all the dirt and grime on your roof while also addressing more serious issues like moss or mold. Depending on your situation, our roof cleaning service may be a cost-effective alternative to a roof replacement. 


Concrete Cleaning


Through the highest quality pressure washing system, finest cleaning agents, and efficient cleaner attachment, we can remove just about any substance from your exterior including dirt, grime, rust, oil, gum, mildew, and algae. Rest assured we’ll deliver exceptional results without etching your concrete or causing other damage. 


House Washing


Your house is your largest investment so why not protect it with house washing. Whether your home features vinyl, aluminum, brick, masonry, stone, cement, or anything else, our state-of-the-art pressure washer can safely and effectively wash away grime and remove stubborn stains, leaving your home shiny and beautiful. 


Fence Washing


If you’ve been on the lookout for professional fence cleaning in Lafayette, we can help. No matter what type of fence you have, what it’s made of, and whether it’s on your residential or commercial property, our expert team can get the job done with our advanced pressure washers and superior techniques. 


Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning is one of the most dangerous and daunting property maintenance tasks. If your gutters become clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris, you may face serious and costly damages. Our professional gutter cleaning services can help you prevent these issues and ensure your gutters are functioning optimally. 


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